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How Garrison for Veterans Can Help You

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Are you a part of the military? A veteran? Or maybe an affiliated civilian? We can and want to help you!

So, what exactly does Garrison for Veterans do? We want to let you know all about our services, so we can help you in any way possible. Garrison for Veterans is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are passionate about creating a space like no other for our nation’s most deserving patriots.

As a real estate development firm, Garrison for Veterans develops real estate specifically for active and reserve military, veterans and affiliated civilians. Before we dive more deeply into our services and how they can help you, you must understand what a real estate developer does.

What is a Real Estate Developer?

To put it briefly, a real estate developer brings something to existence. A developer can do anything from finding and buying land to creating new buildings or improving a building that already exists. If someone comes to a real estate developer with an idea, we take that idea and turn it into something tangible. Here’s how it works.

A client comes to a real estate development manager and then a development plan is put together. Once the client accepts the development plan, the development manager puts the plan into action and manages the process until it is executed successfully. The process is one that not everyone has expertise on and can be deceptively complicated. This is where the assistance of a real estate developer comes in. By using our vast expertise, network and relationships, we can add value by assisting clients with financial analysis, site selection, negotiation, due diligence, and even financing depending on the needs the client has for the development.

The real estate development process can be a tricky one, but a good real estate developer will guide you the entire way to ensure your expectations are exceeded. So, now that you understand a bit more about development, you can better understand how Garrison for Veterans can help you.

Consulting and Construction Services

Our vast experience allows us to help you complete your next project. We provide real estate development management services to individuals and investors, as well as nonprofit and government organizations.


If you are an individual with eligibility for the VA loan for housing, why not build the home of your dreams? Despite what has been said about the difficulty of building a home from scratch, it is possible and with the right help, a lot easier than many expect! In fact, many people use their benefit in this manner every day.

While the building process has the potential to be long and difficult, with the help of Garrison for Veterans, we can help streamline the process so it’s a lot faster, easier and painless for you. For instance, one factor that can slow down the building process is determining where to build. There are a lot of things to consider here, and we can help you navigate them all. We also help you negotiate the purchase of the land to get you a better price to fit your budget.

There are some common questions that home builders generally ask, but there are also many other questions that the average person doesn’t even know to ask. We will ensure you have all the relevant information and details so you can get the full picture.

If you have a VA construction loan, this a great opportunity for those with service-connected disabilities. Imagine building a home that is designed to fit your specific needs. You can select everything from the location in which you want to live, the floor plan, appliances, counter-tops…. you can even incorporate energy saving efficiencies like LED lighting and solar energy. Whatever it is that you envision for your new home, we will assist you throughout the entire process to make it a dream come true.

Investment Opportunities

If you are an investor looking to get into real estate development to increase your market share in real estate for veterans, we want to work with you. Real estate requires the investment of large sums of money, meaning that there is often a sizable risk in real estate development. However, real estate development can be extremely rewarding for investors. Garrison for Veterans provides our expertise in real estate development to help you gain knowledge and experience about the industry.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Not only do we help individuals to build their dream home and investors in the real estate development industry, but we work with nonprofit and government organizations too. If you are a local nonprofit serving veterans, you most likely have a clear understanding of the needs specific to the veterans in your area. We work with local nonprofits to address these needs while increasing the supply of real estate that serves veteran interests. We want to help nonprofits’ vision for veterans come to life. We also help government groups to reach their readiness goals for active and reserve military, veterans, and affiliated civilians such as military families or federal employees.

About Garrison for Veterans and the Founder, Terell Brown

Many people have questions about the VA loan like “What can I purchase with a VA loan?” or “What is a construction loan, and what’s a VA construction loan and what can I do with it?” What I have found is that many people have the wrong impression about the VA loan and have no idea about all the opportunities that come with it. Sadly, many people have been misinformed about veterans and the VA loan. We work with you to clear up misconceptions and make everything clear and easy for you. Whatever your need is, my team and I have the knowledge and experience you need to deliver outstanding results.

As a United States Marine, I have been in the same shoes as many others who have served our country. I have also been shocked to find out about the benefits I had no clue even existed. Why? Because no one ever told me about them. Throughout my years of experience, I have come to find new ways to utilize my benefits and have made it my mission through Garrison for Veterans to help as many others as possible to do the same.

Whether you are a veteran yourself or know a veteran who can benefit from this information, I ask that you share this information to help others. If you are interested in building your dream home, or would like to get started on the path of working with a real estate developer, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

If you have found information in this article to be helpful please help us build awareness.

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