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Freedom's Path Dublin: Weekly Update


As we approach an imminent closing, we are working to tie up all loose ends. VA is completing their final review of the lease and associated documents before the Notice of Intent can be issued. Working with many layers of governmental bureaucracies is never easy and often takes long. But we have been able to overcome the myriad of obstacles a Public-Private Veteran Housing Development experiences over 5 years.

At times it seems that the attorney comments are perpetual. But through all the minutiae, we progress. With final construction numbers in hand, we need to close quickly lest the markets move on us again.

"We must be ruthlessly opportunistic, actively seeking out signs of weakness, against which we will direct all available combat power. And when the decisive opportunity arrives, we must exploit it fully and aggressively, committing every ounce of combat power we can muster and pushing ourselves to the limits of exhaustion. "
—FMFM 1, Warfighting

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