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Freedom's Path Dublin: Weekly Update

Updated: Apr 8, 2022


This week we met with the Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss Freedom's Path Dublin and project updates. We have received all of the comments from the VA in terms of the lease agreement. Lease will be finalized on our end shortly and sent to the VA. VA has to perform reviews, and concurrent reviews... Ultimately the Secretary of VA, who is currently The Honorable Denis Richard McDonough, will sign the lease and send it over to Congress. Congress has time to review the lease and can make comments, ask questions, etc. When that time frame runs out, which is 45 days, we are able to sign the lease and close quickly there after.

In the mean time, we need to get a team out to the site to perform some testing as well as wrap up a few more docs that need to go to lenders and other respective parties before closing.

"We declare war on Veteran homelessness, and we are taking the high ground. He who occupies the high ground...will fight to the advantage." - Terell Brown

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