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Freedom's Path Dublin: Over 50% Completion

September 1, 2023 Freedom's Path Dublin, a 50-unit affordable housing development for homeless, U.S. military Veterans, is progressing well. We are over 50% complete!

Building 34 has a completely new roof and the roof on Building 35 is about 70%-80%. In both buildings we are laminating walls and ceilings. In Building 34, we are finalizing all ceilings which will be 100% complete. The HVAC is about 80% complete dropped into ceilings on the second floor and electric is about 60% complete. Building 35 has more drywall to hang. In the new building, most walls are hung. We will be insulating ceilings next. The brick mason will be on the site soon to lay the brick for the exterior of the new building, so we are working on the required repairs.

The new sanitary sewer and water distribution lines are in work. The water line is pretty much complete. We will tie into the City and then tie to Building 34. Our doghouse manholes will show up to the site soon and our lift station is still to come in. We should receive the manholes any day now, but the doghouse manholes are needed to get started on the sewer line. The sewer line will get started once the water line is complete.

Garrison For Veterans has declared war on Veteran homelessness.

"In any problem where an opposing force exists, and cannot be regulated, one must foresee and provide for alternative courses. Adaptability is the law which governs survival in war as in life—war being but a concentrated form of the human struggle against environment. "
—B. H. Liddell Hart

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