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Freedom's Path Dublin Moving Forward!


This week VA met with the AIR Commission lead as well as VISN, VAMC and Homeless Program Office and they all agreed that Freedom's Path Dublin should continue to move forward. VA is launching the NOIE and OMB packages for review. We will let you know when the SECVA signs the NOIE and it is mailed!

For those who don't know, the Department of Veterans Affairs performed an analysis and made recommendations to the Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission in order to modernize and realign the VA health care system. The recommendation includes relocating the inpatient, medical and surgical program at the Dublin VAMC to a strategic collaboration to provide VA-delivered care to Veterans in Macon, Georgia. The recommendation did not take into account Freedom's Path Dublin.

These are the types of hurdles a Veteran Housing Developer must overcome to increase the supply of affordable housing for United States military Veterans and eliminate Veteran homelessness.

Garrison For Veterans has declared war on Veteran homelessness. Our approach recognizes that war is conducted in an environment of complexity, fluidity, disorder, and uncertainty. We strive to provide the means to win in this environment.

"Positions are seldom lost because they have been destroyed, but almost invariably because the leader has decided in his own mind that the position cannot be held.” —A. A. Vandegrift


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