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Freedom's Path Dublin: Construction Update

4/28/2023 The Freedom's Path Dublin Development Team continues to press forward with the redevelopment of historic Buildings 34 and 35. All demolition and environmental abatement has been completed. Building 34 roof removal and decking is complete. Framing is also complete and we are finishing up rough-in and starting drywall one-side installation. Plumbing is done and we are finishing up electrical and HVAC. The removal of the roof and decking for Building 35 just began. Plumbing is is complete on the first and second floors. All doors, windows, and dormers have been primed for both existing buildings, and we are awaiting the return of the windows which have been removed and shipped off-site for environmental abatement. We have kept all the original windows to preserve the historic character of these buildings. The foundation for the new building has been poured, and we are framing load bearing walls. Next week we should be erecting the roof trusses and decking.

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