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Freedom's Path Dublin: Construction is Underway!


“As a lifetime serial learner, I have found that ordinary people can do the extraordinary who are committed to experiential learning, are intellectually curious, and possess an unquenchable desire to acquire new knowledge . . . this may be our only advantage in the future fight.” —Lorna M. Mahlock

Freedom's Path Dublin is underway! The site has been under construction for 2 months, beginning October 1, 2022. There was a lot of debris within the buildings that needed to be removed and disposed of before the construction team could begin demolition and remediation.

Environmental remediation for both buildings is the first major item on the punch list. All lead and asbestos will be completely removed from the buildings. We are beginning construction on the third, new-construction, building as well. There are some issues with utilities to the site that were not foreseen during predevelopment. This will have to get worked through quickly. Our Team is coordinating with the rest of the Development Team, the City, VA and our utility providers to get this done ASAP.

Below are some photographs of the progress that has been made.

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