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Freedom's Path Dublin: Weekly Update

Updated: Apr 8, 2022


Garrison For Veterans continues to push forward to a close on all financing for the Freedom's Path Dublin development. Last week Terell Brown, President of Garrison For Veterans, was in Dublin, Georgia, to perform a site visit with project partners and Regions Bank, the equity investor for the project.

"It was exciting to show our lending partners the beautiful buildings and the beautiful City they will be investing in." - Terell Brown

After touring the site and answering pertinent questions about the development, the Team went to grab lunch at arguably one of the best restaurants in the City of Dublin: Company Supply.

The Team continued to work through this week pouring through all the comments between stakeholders. There are still some reviews and approvals that need to take place before all documents can be finalized, but we are closer. . .

Faith produces patience.

Stay tuned!

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