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Government Contracting

Public-Private Veteran Housing Development 

The federal government of the United States owns about 28% of the land in this country or roughly 640 million acres. Within that, there are many vacant and underutilized properties that are no longer needed. Vacant real estate alone can present its own risks, especially for local communities. Additionally, expenses are ever increasing which means that underutilized real assets are very costly to maintain. Lack of funding contributes to a backlog of deferred maintenance. This reduces the value of real assets and accelerates the deterioration of improvements. Across the country there are states, cities, and local governments faced with the same problem.

Many governmental organizations are prioritizing the reduction of underutilized assets to divert taxpayer contributions from wasteful spending. Public-Private Veteran Housing Development (PPVHD) is a very practical and feasible way to create value for underutilized assets. Government organizations can be creative in using existing programs or can create new programs to partner with the private sector. PPVHD allows governments to maintain title to underutilized real assets, while putting the property to a better, more cost-effective use. This is also one of the most effective ways to increase the supply of affordable housing for our United States military Veterans. Garrison For Veterans is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the Department of Veterans Affairs and in most cases is eligible to collaborate with governments through PPVHD and priority contracting.  

Sole-Source Veteran Housing

There are several types of government contracts but they all fall into one of two categories which are competitive and non-competitive. Examples of competitive contracts are full and open competition and small business set-asides. Sole-source set asides are non-competitive contracts. They are the exception to the competitive bid process and are awarded under special circumstances. Consider Garrison For Veterans for a sole-source Veteran housing development contract.

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Public Private Veteran Housing Development
Sole Source Veteran Housing
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